Mamidikaya Pappu- Raw Mango Dal

Summer has already started in India and my folks are getting ready for the season. Besides avakayya ( pickles), vadilyalu and appadalu ( papadams) this season reminds me of sour and spicy taste of mouthwatering mamidikayya pappu, menthi mukkalu , mamidikaya pachadi, pulihora and sweet ripen mangoes  we use to drool on as kids.

Summer was always special to me right from no school and homeworks, long sleeps, hanging with sister and cousins and playing around in my grandma’s front yard racing with cousins to climb big mango tree and plucking the tiny baby mangoes without my grandpa’s notice and eating them with salt and chilli masala mix…..ummmm good old days.

Ok now lets get back to the recipe, back then mangoes were seasonal and it used be eaten only from Ugadi. Me and my sister use to wait anxiously for Ugadi and so for the yummy dishes my mom use to cook thru out the mango season. Here is one of families favorite.


1 medium size raw mango ( wash, peel, remove the seed and cut into bite size cubes)
1/2 cup toor dal/ mudda pappu ( dry roasted and cooked )
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
salt to taste
Water to cook
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 garlic flakes ( cut into pieces)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4th tsp methi seeds
2-3 whole red chilies ( broken)
3-4 green chilies ( slit)
pinch of hing
few curry leaves

Heat oil in a sauce pan, add garlic, mustard seeds, methi seeds, red chillies and allow mustard seeds to crackle, now add the remaining popu ingredients and saute for a minute. Turn off the heat and shift the popu into small bowl and keep it separate .

Turn the heat to medium, add the cut mango pieces to the same pan in the remaining oil ( I usually use the same pan) add salt, turmeric powder and water, cook the mango pieces till soft. Keep checking in the middle if needed add little more liquid to the mangoes. Add the cooked mudda pappu and water if needed for consistency and bring it to boil. Now stir in the popu, adjust the taste cook for 1-2 mins and turn off the heat.

Serve it with hot rice, ghee and some vadiyalu or perugu mirpakaya !!


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